With static adspend figures in print and rising adspend figures in digital in recent years publishers have been diversifying into the digital space. Mobile adspend is now the fastest growing adspend medium and with iQNECT publishers can tap into this new revenue stream by connecting their print magazines to digital extras and M-Commerce.


Introducing iQNECT for Publishers

iQNECT directs magazine content to specific mobile content and m-commerce opportunities of your choosing, removing your reliance on search engines.

Every page in a magazine is now an opportunity to drive direct interaction and create new revenue streams for your magazine and your brands by connecting to point of purchase.

Exclusive Content
Increase reader interaction with exclusive and personalised secondary mobile content like video interviews, how-to-videos, behind the scenes footage, quizzes and competitions.

Social Media
Engage your readers with your brands story and leverage the social channels to increase the magnitude of that story.


How does it Work

iQNECT’s image recognition technology uses computer vision to match images in magazines, on billboards or any print material to images in our database. Once a match is made it triggers second screen content on the users mobile phone.


Fast – the fastest image recognition system in the world. 300 milliseconds to return a match.

Accurate – the most accurate image recognition system in the world. Works from distance and angles.

Scalable – Can handle millions of images and users at one time.



Gain reader insights with Real time analytics, including; location, demographics and engagement and sell premium analytics to advertisers as a new revenue stream.