The rise of social media has turned television into a participatory event where viewers can provide commentary and consumers can engage with brands. iQNECT lets studios, broadcasters and advertisers develop cross-channel strategies that engage television viewers through shared media experiences.


Introducing IQNECT for TV

iQNECT’s video recognition technology enables viewers to unlock interactive second screen content and M-Commerce opportunities with their mobile phone.

Second Screen Content
Expand the viewers TV experience by enabling them to unlock exclusive content and take a deeper dive into the brand experience. 

Viewers wondering where they can purchase products featured on a show, can point their mobile phone at the TV and be brought directly to point of purchase on their mobile phone.  

Viewers can now unlock interactive experiences with their favourite TV shows. Check in, participate in social media commentary or competitions around the show, or share your favourite content from the show with your peers.


How does it work

Viewers simply download iQNECT’s mobile application and point their phone at their TV screen. iQNECT’s intelligent visual recognition technology matches the content on screen with our database and delivers the viewer to the content owners perferred online destination.


Fast – 300 milliseconds

Accurate – More accurate than the human eye

Scalable – handles millions of users and images at one time

Intuitive – Simple to use



Understand the consumption habits of your viewers, what are they watching, what are they engaging with and what are they sharing with their peers.